Ann & Bryant – Engagement session at Lake Tahoe – Part 2

I was able to make it back up to Tahoe Friday morning so we could finish out the engagement session since we were snowed out on Tuesday.  Well it was clear skies but with those clear skies came cold temperatures.  Very cold.  Negative 8 to be exact.  I don’t think I have ever been in that cold of weather before.  I though for sure my fingers were going to fall off.  I did learn though that for Lake Tahoe you need to start about an hour after sunrise because the sun hasn’t had time to get over the mountains yet.  We spent about 30 minutes at the beach and decided to call it quits.  It was too darn cold.  But of course on our way back around the lake the sun made it out and it was amazing.  So a few texts later and me met back up at a new beach, I got out my studio lights and we tried some OCF on the beach!  I am very happy with the results.

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Lake Tahoe engagement session